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Senior Pavlat's High-Flying Dreams


In February, a remarkable milestone was reached by Splendora High School Senior Stephen Pavlat, II, as he proudly obtained his Private Pilot License for Rotorcraft Helicopters. He is working towards acquiring his instrument license, with plans to swiftly transition to his commercial license and beyond, aiming for qualifications as a Commercial Flight Instructor (CFI) and Commercial Flight Instrument Instructor (CFII). He anticipates completing this journey by the end of the summer, further enhancing his credentials under the guidance of Veracity Aviation in Pearland, Texas.

Stephen's fascination with aviation, particularly helicopters, has been a lifelong passion. His journey began at the tender age of three with a thrilling helicopter ride in Corpus Christi, igniting a genuine love for the skies. Having traveled the globe in airplanes from a young age, Stephen's exposure to aviation was enriched by his nomadic upbringing, which included a four-year stint in Udhailiyah, Saudi Arabia. Frequent travels, coupled with a keen interest in flight paths and interactions with seasoned pilots, cultivated his desire to pursue an aviation career.

Despite the transient nature of his early years, Stephen's academic path remained steady. Beginning his educational journey at Piney Woods Elementary in Splendora, he later embarked on a transformative period abroad before resettling in the United States. Transitioning seamlessly through various schools, Stephen's commitment to academic excellence remained unwavering.

Athletics also played a significant role in Stephen's high school journey, where he distinguished himself as a versatile athlete. A three-sport letterman in his freshman and sophomore years, his athletic prowess extended to football, basketball, and golf. However, as his passion for aviation intensified, Stephen decided to forgo competitive sports during his senior year to pursue his dreams in helicopter school. Despite this sacrifice, his dedication to extracurricular activities persisted, as evidenced by his participation in the Clay Club, where he showcased his sharpshooting abilities at the state level.

Reflecting on his journey thus far, Stephen said, "Flying has pushed me beyond limits I did not think I would overcome. I do not regret the sacrifices I made to pursue my dream of flying." He affirms this, underscoring his commitment to his chosen path.

Proudly supporting Stephen's achievements, his parents, Todd and Courtney Pavlat, express profound admiration for his unwavering dedication and character. "This is a great time for Stephen. I am excited about all of the choices he has made to get to this point. Some of those choices meant he had to make hard sacrifices, which have helped him become such a respectable young man," Todd Pavlat remarks, eagerly anticipating the opportunity to learn under his son's tutelage as he ascends to the role of a flight instructor.

Echoing her husband's sentiments, Courtney Pavlat commends Stephen's steadfastness in pursuing his dreams. "From his dedication to his relationship with Christ, his family and friends, and always trying to be a better human by learning from his mistakes, I could not be more proud of him," she reflects, highlighting Stephen's profound impact within his personal sphere and beyond.

As Stephen Pavlat's aviation journey soars to greater heights, his determination serves as a beacon of inspiration, reminding us of the extraordinary achievements that await those who dare to pursue their dreams with unyielding resolve.

(Click here to check out Stephen’s video of him flying over the west side campuses at Splendora ISD.)