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Bond 2022 Update: Greenleaf Elementary School Replacement Project

Bond 2022

April 17, 2024 Letter from Superintendent:


Dear Splendora ISD Community,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to provide you with an update on the progress of the Greenleaf and Peach Creek Elementary school replacement projects, which were promised to our community as part of the 2022 Bond Election.

I'm pleased to report that the design process for both replacement schools has been progressing according to schedule. Construction of the new Peach Creek Elementary School is poised to kick off soon, marking a significant milestone in our commitment to providing modern and safe learning environments for our students.

However, I must address our challenges with the Greenleaf Elementary School project. Despite our best efforts, we've faced various obstacles with LGI, the developer of the Pinewood Trails subdivision, where the new Greenleaf campus was planned. Regrettably, due to continued challenges with LGI, we find ourselves re-evaluating the feasibility of the Pinewood Trails site for an elementary school. We are actively considering an alternative site that has recently become available.

Due to these unforeseen circumstances, the new Greenleaf Elementary School's scheduled completion will inevitably be delayed until the Christmas break of 2025, with move-in scheduled over the holiday period.

You may recall that the District had a pending contract with LGI in 2022 to purchase the new school site. Under this contract, LGI agreed to cover the costs of road and drainage improvements necessary to serve the new school. However, during negotiations, LGI refused to commit to completing these improvements in time. Consequently, after exhaustive efforts to resolve the matter, the District exercised its power of eminent domain to acquire the site for fair market value, as a panel of court-appointed Special Commissioners determined. Although LGI has appealed this decision, we currently have legal possession of the site.

Despite ongoing efforts, LGI will only complete the necessary road and drainage improvements for the 2025 opening date if we agree to financial terms significantly above the land's appraised value. We've been compelled to explore alternative options to fulfill our commitment to the Greenleaf community and be good stewards of our taxpayers' dollars.

One such option is an alternative site in The Canopies next to the new Junior High site. This site offers guaranteed access to all necessary infrastructure, including roads, utilities, and drainage facilities provided by the developer. In contrast, the Pinewood Trails site would incur additional costs to ensure adequate access and drainage without developer cooperation.

Rest assured, we prioritize the best interests of our students, parents, and taxpayers in this decision-making process. We are working closely with our demographers and project consultants to determine the optimal location for the new Greenleaf campus.

We sincerely appreciate the continued support and trust of our remarkable Splendora ISD community. We will keep you informed as we collaborate with our Board of Trustees to finalize these important decisions.


Dr. Jeff Burke

Superintendent of Schools, Splendora ISD