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Feeding Students’ Minds and Bodies

What’s the first thing a child does when they get home from school? Open the fridge or pantry. So if they stay after school, where’s the fridge? Splendora ISD has partnered with the nonprofit agency, Be A Champion (BAC), providing free, healthy snacks for all students attending after-school programs at Splendora High School.   


“We are delighted about our partnership with Be A Champion,” stated Rick Kershner, Assistant Superintendent of Leadership and Culture with Splendora ISD. “The last meal our students eat at school is lunch. By three or four in the afternoon, they are hungry again, and BAC’s snacks are well-received. Our students are vibrant, growing young people and the nourishment makes a positive difference in their learning and development.”


Founded in 2001 by two University of Houston football players, Be A Champion, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to serving the needs of the children of Texas.  The agency’s "Champion Fuel Program" addresses the increasing hunger and escalating food-insecurity in Texas’ youth.


BAC’s Champion Fuel Program is subsidized by the Texas Department of Agriculture. BAC delivers the items directly to the campuses. The meals are free, garden-fresh, and appealing. Each food packet includes health-conscious items from a rotating menu such as baby carrots, string cheese, chicken sliders, and organic fruit.


"In addition to being hungry, a large number of Texas children are not receiving sufficient nutrition in their diets," stated Jaron Barganier, Founder/CEO of BAC. "Over time, these children become malnourished, and that has a negative impact on their ability to learn. A malnourished child is an under-educated child.”


BAC's efforts now include feeding children in Houston, Beaumont, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, and throughout the Rio Grande Valley. BAC currently serves supper meals to more than 200 locations, totaling approximately 42,000 suppers daily. It is an enormous undertaking, but it is critical to the future of Texas’ children.


To learn more about Be A Champion, Inc. and its wonderful programs serving Texas youth, please visit

 Be A Champion delivers meals. Band students are all smiles after receiving snacks. Be A Champion reps

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