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Second Grader Organizes Student Club

Splendora ISD welcomes student expression and provides a forum to hold non-curriculum related group meetings on school premises during non-instructional time. The Student Christian Union, Chess Club, and Video-Gaming Group are some of the student-led groups that have used the forum to express their interests. Now, the younger students are following their older peers' example.Letter to Principal Lucas.


Piney Woods Elementary School's Reece Welch wanted to start a club called Cats for Christ and be the leader of it. In the fall, the second grader wrote her principal asking to form the club. "I thought kids would want to learn about Jesus Christ.   If kids learn about Jesus then they can share Him with others," said Reece.


Principal Heath Lucas gave the green light to the young student, allowing the noncurriculum-related, non school-sponsored group access to meet on the campus. Cats for Christ members meet every Friday morning from 7:30 - 8:00 for fellowship and fun.  The group began with about 30 members, and although attendance varies, the numbers have almost doubled in six months!


CFC having fellowship fun. At the meetings, members pray, share how Jesus Christ has influenced their life during the week, read bible scripture, and do crafts.  Fifth grader Avery Thornton said, "I love CFC because it's a great opportunity to learn about Jesus with my friends." One parent commented about the student-led organization, "The students have an individual love for Christ. It can be seen through their relationships with their classmates, teachers, and administrators."



As for the leader of the group, Reece says, "Cats for Christ teaches bible verses and spreads the message of kindness, love, hope, and faith. So, if you want to come, you should come!"