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PWE Creates Wall of Success

Piney Woods Elementary School has a new and big way to recognize student and staff Dusti Verron accomplishments, it's called the "Wall of Success."  Located within one of the classrooms, the wall is dedicated to recognizing students' and staff accomplishments. Already, first grader Dusti Verron, third grader Shane Johnson, and fifth graders Brandon Beavers and Emily Mosley are featured on the wall.


The idea came to Piney Wood's paraprofessional Cassy Davila after the Christmas break. "I really started to notice progress in many of the students that we have been working with. I collaborated with Jessica Hogland, who is part of my team, about the idea," said Davila. The two employees wanted to build confidence in their students by giving them recognition for their hard work. After thinking about it, the two decided to open it up to any of the staff who had students that made significant improvements and deserved an extra boost.

 Shane Johnson

First to make the Wall was first grader Dusti Verron, who went up two reading levels. Also worthy of the Wall recognition was third grader Shane Johnson. According to his teacher, his writing improved so much that she was able to read every word on his spelling test, which he scored perfectly on. Fifth grader Brandon Beavers aced his math quiz and classmate Emily Mosley successfully completed an empty multiplication chart on her own, giving them both a place on the Wall of Success. Davila also recognized cohort Hogland, who was recently accepted to Sam Houston State University.

Jessica Hogland  

"Once the other students started seeing the accomplishments on the wall, you could see the wheels turning on how they could be up there," said Davila. "It's still a work in progress; however I am extremely happy with the results so far." Additionally, Davila plans to print student pictures, along with their accomplishments, and send them home to parents. According to Davila, recognizing the students' successes is key to building self-confidence. "An accomplishment of any kind is a step in the right direction."