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GLE Fifth Graders Display Work Through QR Code

Fifth graders at Greenleaf Elementary School are putting a new twist on displaying their work in the Display Wall hallways.  ELAR/Social Studies Teacher, Laurie Guerra assigned students to research and present a biography over a figure who was important during the Civil War era.  For about a week and a half, students worked collaboratively on their biography presentation and posted their research in the campus's hallways using QR codes.  QR, abbreviated from Quick Response Code, is a mobile phone readable barcode that can store website URLs, phone numbers, and other data.


"Many students chose to do their presentations in Google Slides, since that is what they are most familiar with. I did have one partnership do their presentation in Prezi," said Guerra. "After the presentations were complete in class, I taught the students how to link their presentations to QR codes, so that we could display them in the hallway to visitors and guests without having to print out slides."


To create a QR, students used a QR code generator from,Students working on projects.  pasted it in a Google document, and gave it a title.  Guerra then printed the documents to display in the hallway. Anyone who passed by and had a QR Reader on their mobile phone, could quickly access the students' presentations. Students can also track the number of times their bar code was scanned.


Guerra added, "The students will be participating in a walkabout where they will be able to use their own devices to scan the QR codes and view presentations from friends and peers in other homeroom classes.  Using technology has given students an extra sense of excitement in researching these important figures in American history."

Emily Avellaneda's Presentation







 Stovall and O'Brien's presentation.


 Valdez and Cruz's presentation