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Mixon named Truancy and Residency Officer

We are pleased to announce the hire of our new Truancy and Residency Officer, Traci Mixon. 

The primary responsibility of the Truancy and Residency Officer is to ensure regular attendance of students and verify residency within our school district. By monitoring students' attendance and conducting residency checks, we aim to cultivate a positive educational environment that promotes consistent attendance and upholds our district residency policies. Here are some key points about the role and responsibilities of our Truancy and Residency Officer:

Attendance Monitoring: Our Truancy and Residency Officer will work closely with school administrators, teachers, and district staff to identify irregular attendance patterns and proactively address the underlying reasons. They will collaborate with administrators and families to find solutions and provide support to improve student attendance.

Residency Verification: The Truancy and Residency Officer will conduct periodic residency checks to ensure students attending our schools reside within the district boundaries. This process helps us maintain accurate records and provide educational opportunities for those who meet the residency requirements.

Family Engagement: Our Truancy and Residency Officer will work closely with families to address any concerns regarding attendance or residency. They will provide resources, guidance, and support to ensure that families know the importance of regular attendance and understand the residency requirements.

Collaboration: The Truancy and Residency Officer will collaborate with assistant principals and other district personnel, including counselors, to address attendance issues and promote student success holistically.

Regular attendance plays a vital role in a child's educational journey. It ensures continuity of learning, maximizes academic potential and promotes social and emotional development. Additionally, verifying residency helps maintain fair access to educational resources and services for students who live within our district.

We kindly request your cooperation and support in working with our Truancy and Residency Officer to ensure that your child attends school regularly, and that residency information is accurate and current. Open communication between families and our Truancy and Residency Officer will be crucial in addressing any concerns and finding solutions that benefit our students and community.

Thank you for your understanding and collaboration as we strive to provide the best possible educational experience for all our students. Together, we can create an environment where every child has the opportunity to thrive academically and personally.