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Splendora FFA and Jr. FFA members did incredible at the East Montgomery County Fair

posted September 21, 2022

Last week was the East Montgomery County Fair! Our Splendora FFA and Jr. FFA members made up 43% of the entire auction and received $146,650 in auction winnings - not including the add-ons. We are so proud of their accomplishments. A complete list of participants and winners is below.

2022 Fair Prince and Princess




Additionally, our very own Brady Campbell was crowned the 2022 Fair Prince, and Avery Vick was crowned the 2022 Fair Princess.

Karson Denton with Grand Champion Pie

Reserve Champion Cake





Grand Champion Pie- Karson Denton

Grand Champion Handicraft- Lance Sessum 
Grand Champion Bread- Kinsley Needham 
Grand Champion Canned Goods- Kelsey Kness
Grand Champion Cake- Madison Richardsgrand champion cake
Grand Champion Cookies- Carter Barricks
Grand Champion Candy- Colton Brown 
Reserve Champion Cake- Karson Denton 
Reserve Champion Handicraft- Kallie Coffman
Reserve Champion Horticulture- Aubrey Petty
Reserve Champion Pie- Adalyn Overall

Allie Wells- 7th 
Kelsey Kness- 3rd and made sale 
Allie Elliott- 8th 
Kathryn Walker- 5th 
Kolton Sowell- 10th
Wade Wells- 3rd and made sale
Emory Hoffman- 7th 
Zach Mueller- 9th 
Aaron McCabe -9th 
Brooklyn Ross- 4th and made sale
Reese Frazier- 10th 
Jonathan Pippin- 5th and made sale 
Corbin Frazier- 6th
Ethan Cranney- 5th and sale alternate 
Erin Harris- 9th 
Reagan Winter- 1st and made sale 
Landon Sessum- 3rd and made sale
Lance Sessum- 2nd and made sale 
Lindsey Sessum- 2nd and made sale 
Rylee Holcomb- 1st and made sale 
Melanie Rawls- 4th and made sale
Ayden Dean- 7th
Gavin Beard- 9th 
Emma Cranney- 6th and made sale
Ashly Pippin- 8th 
Aubrey Petty- 2nd and made sale
Cash Green- 3rd and sale
Joey McMullen- 7th and sale alternate
Dylan Bailey - 6th and sale
Carter Green- 5th and sale
Kayden Harris- 8th 
Caitlyn Fry- 10th 
Corbin Green- 4th and sale
Logan Mueller- 7th and sale
Katie Moran- 10th 
Lane Schueller- 9th 
Adalyn Overall- 6th and sale
Masynn Sepanio- 11th 
Tyler White- 4th and sale
Zayli Overall - 3rd and sale
Justice Gibson- 5th 
Cutter Williamson-1st and sale 
Logan Mueller- Senior Showmanship 


student with lamb

Katelyn Guion- 4th 
Alexis Guion- 5th 
Oaklynn Hudman- 3rd
Ashly Pippin- 2nd and sale alternate
Lindsey Sessum- 1st and made sale
Morgan Warman Reed- 4th 
Kai Isneberger- 6th 
Landon Sessum- 8th 
Erin Harris- 5th 
Caiden Watson- 1st and made sale
Wade Wells- 6th 
Brianna Patton - 7th student with lamb
Emily May- 5th and sale alternante
Macie Morse- 1st and made sale
Ryder Lira- 1st and  Grand Champion Lamb
Clay Watson- 5th 
Aaron McCabe- 6th
Reece Welch- 7th 
Katie Moran- 1st and made sale
Mason Lindgram- 3rd
Allie Wells- 4th 
Cody Gaas- 4th and made sale
Lane Schueller- 5th 
Faith Bailey- 6th 
Carter Barricks- 3rd and made sale
Sara Brandum- 2nd and made sale
Kegan Brandum- 1st and made sale 
Macie Morse- Champion Jr. Showman

Colton Johnson- 5th and made salestudent with goat
Wyatt Dietrich- 6th 
Rylan Welch- 5th and sale alternate
Brody Willis- 1st and made sale
Erin Harris- 5th 
Ryder Lira- 3rd and made sale
Madison Lindgram- 6th 
Hunter Johnson- 4th and sale alternate
Tanner Adams- 5th 
Dalton Kness- 3rd and sale alternate 
Caden Shyrock- 6th 
Carter Barricks- 1st and Grand Champion Goat 
Dylan Bailey- 3rd and made sale
Nick Brown- 7th 
Emily May- 5th and made sale
Colton Brown- 6th
Ryder Lira- Champion Junior Showmanship  

Steersstudent with steer
Reserve Champion SteerLogan Mueller- 2nd and made sale
Ryler Jeffcoat- 4th 
Rustin Jeffcoat- 3rd

Nicolas Brown- 1st and made sale
Morgan Wartman Reed- 4th
Zach Mueller- 5th
Erin Harris 3rd and made sale
Brooklyn Ross- 2rd and made sale
Macie Morse- 1st and made sale
Caden Shyrock- 5th 
Wade Wells- 3rd and made sale
Caitlyn Fry- 1st and made sale 
Hunter Johnson- 6th 
Colton Brown- 2nd and made sale
Emma Cranney- 6th 
Wyatt Parker- 4th and made sale 
Adalyn Overall- 2nd and Reserve Champion Steer
Zaylie Overall- 5th 
Lance Sessum- 2nd and made sale
Joey McMullen- 3rd and made sale

Kai Isnerberger- Grand Champion 
Noah Isenberger- 3rd 
Reese Welch-4th 
Ryland Welch - 5th 
All made sale 
Noah Isenberger: Senior Showmanship 

Kallie Coffman- 3rd overall and made sale
Ariana Estrada- 17th