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Students enjoy sensory walk at Greenleaf

Posted September 7, 2022

It may look like hopscotch in the hallway, but it is a sensory walk! The Greenleaf Elementary PTO provided colorful and engaging diagrams on the floor and wall for students to follow. Students who travel the path and complete the movements work off excess energy and develop their gross motor skills. The sensory walks at Greenleaf Elementary were initially meant for students in our Applied Skills classes, but they are proving beneficial for all students. 

"Sensory walks are a great way to take a regulating break, increase focus and concentration, and allow people to develop fine and gross motor skills," said Greenleaf Elementary Behavior Coach Rachel Coleman. 

There are many physical elements and learning concepts for students to master. The vinyl is also tough enough to stand up to lots of jumping feet, day after day.

Applied Skills Teacher Theresa Lee added, "I am glad it is there. The kids use them as a brain break to get out of the classroom and move around when they get restless with classroom work. The other classes in the school use them as well."

According to Brooklyn Atkins, Applied Skills Para, the students do not get distracted or abuse the privilege of it. The students love having it available for them. Applied Skills Para Paige Petty said, "I love the sensory walks in the hallway. It gets the students and me out of the classroom to stretch our bodies and brains!"

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