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Growing Our Own - Students Prepare for Teaching Career

Posted November 10, 2020


Splendora High School students are getting the opportunity to understand what a teaching career is all about through the Ready Set Teach (RST) CTE program under the supervision of Carrie Beshears. This field-based internship provides students with background knowledge of child and adolescent development, as well as principles of effective teaching practices.  


Prior to traveling to the elementary schools, students must take the Principles of Education (to discuss the past and present practices of education through discussions, research, and projects to represent information), and Human Growth and Development (research of theorists and contributions to human development, development types, study of infancy to “old age” and milestones for each stage).  


During the students’ third year, the students take Instructional Practices “1st-year travelers.” RST students are involved in a 6-8 week rotation in various grade levels with a mentor teacher at either Piney Woods Elementary, Peach Creek Elementary (PCE), Greenleaf Elementary (GLE), or Splendora Junior High (SJH) schools. Students work closely with their mentor to assist with read alouds, small or whole group lessons, classroom organization, classroom projects, facilitating classroom work, and any tasks needed to complete.  


The final class is  Practicum, “2nd-year travelers.” Students diligently work with 1-2 mentor teachers for the entire year engaging in the same content as 1st-year travelers but with more of a focus on leading, receiving clarification on specific questions/concerns, and providing a 30-minute lesson each nine weeks for Mrs. Beshears to provide feedback as all licensed educators receive. 


The 1st- and 2nd-year travelers go Monday-Thursday to their assigned campus. “This is our first year to travel to PCE and GLE, and we are beyond thankful, as well as excited for the many opportunities,” said Mrs. Beshears.  Additionally, RST students can earn their Level 1 educational aide certification after the completion of three classes (Principles, Human Growth, and Instructional Practices), CPR certification, and participation in Kids’ Play Day.  This certification takes place in May after all requirements have been met.

Ready Set Teach intern with student. Ready Set Teach intern with student. Ready Set Teach intern with students.

Ready Set Teach intern with student. Ready Set Teach intern helps students. RST intern with student

RST intern with students.

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