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Changes to On-site Attendance and Remote Learning

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October 16, 2020

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Based on feedback, grade reports, and attendance data, Splendora ISD will be making adjustments to attendance procedures and the instructional delivery for remote learners.  Please review the following changes to remote learning and the attendance procedures for on-site learning.

Remote Instruction for students in PK-5

Students in grades PK-5 who are working remotely will be assigned to a district teacher.  This may or may not be a teacher on the student’s home campus.  The district teacher will be responsible for providing remote instruction for all students, per grade level, regardless of campus assignment. Students in PK-5 grades will continue their work through Canvas. 

Remote Instruction for students in grades 6-12

Students in grades 6-12 who are working remotely from home will transition to working in an on-line platform, Edgenuity, for all coursework.  Students will not be assigned a content specific teacher for each class.  All students will have a teacher facilitator that will monitor academic progress in Edgenuity and help the student navigate the platform, set academic goals, and manage attendance and grades.  Students are required to check-in daily with the teacher facilitator.  If academic progress in each class is not adequately achieved, students may be recommended to come back to campus for daily on-site instruction. Grades will be taken through Edgenuity and available to parents through the student’s account in Edgenuity. At the end of the semester, the grades will be recorded in Skyward. Electives may be transferred to a corresponding course in Edgenuity--here is a link to the Edgenuity Texas course list.

Students must meet compulsory attendance requirements that are set by the state in order to receive credit in a course.  The state requirement of 90% attendance in each course must be met to receive credit. Attendance will be taken daily during remote learning and the student must meet one of the three approved measures of attendance which includes:

  • Daily progress in Edgenuity. Examples of daily progress may include viewing videos and answering questions, working on assignments, reading an assigned text, peer to peer interaction, discussions, formative quizzes/rough draft/projects/constructed open response (not taken necessarily for a grade, but feedback on where students are in their understanding of a topic or concept), submitting assignments for feedback, etc. 
  • Daily progress via teacher-student interactions. Teacher-student interactions may include:  navigation assistance, setting academic goals and managing attendance and grades. 
  • Turning in assignments in Edgenuity for evaluation. 

On-site Instruction

All students attending on-site instruction must continue attending classes face-to-face in the traditional manner.  Students are expected to attend class every day and attendance will be taken daily.  For students in grades 6-12, attendance will be taken every period.  To be counted present, the student must be present in the classroom.  Students learning onsite will no longer be allowed to work from home and be counted as present by logging into Canvas.  The attendance code of RA-P (remote asynchronous - present) will only be used for a COVID-related illness or quarantine or with prior approval on a case-by-case basis.  

We feel that the safety measures put into place for this school year have made the school environment as safe as possible for on-site instruction.  We have procedures in place for cleaning and sanitizing learning spaces and common areas.  While SISD cannot guarantee that it will remain COVID-free, we are encouraging students who are struggling with remote learning to return to school for face-to-face instruction. While we understand that this is a personal decision that each family must make, we feel confident in our cleaning and sanitation procedures.  

Thank you for working with our school and district through this very difficult time.  Please call your child’s campus if you have COVID concerns or if you would like to discuss the new attendance procedures for on-site learning or the new remote learning format for students.


Tami Greggerson, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning