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Heather Brown named Instructional Specialist

Posted September 11, 2020


The Department of Teaching and Learning is excited to welcome Mrs. Heather Brown to our instructional specialist team. Mrs. Brown received her Bachelor of Art History degree from the University of Texas and is currently working on her master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction at Western Governors University. Heather has served Splendora ISD in multiple capacities supporting both students and teachers as a team lead, mentor, and curriculum writer. Prior to her work in SISD, Mrs. Brown lived in London, England, where she discovered her passion for education while working with pre-kindergarten students.  This experience launched her quest for equitable and personalized learning for all students. Mrs. Brown embraces the SISD strategic direction as evident in her belief that all students deserve high-quality, engaging learning experiences. As a master teacher, she continually brought passion, creativity, and design to the classroom and is excited to extend that passion beyond the classroom. The Department of Teaching and Learning is proud to have Heather as a part of our team to learn with her and from her.  Mrs. Brown states, “I am so excited and honored to become a part of the SISD Teaching and Learning team. I can’t wait to bring my enthusiasm and love for both students and teachers to the team!  It is truly an honor to serve in this capacity.” Please join us in welcoming Mrs. Heather Brown to our team. 


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