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Structured Learning Center Students go on Scavenger Hunt

Posted October 27, 2020


Upon the completion of a 5-week unit on the Zones of Regulation, Peach Creek’s Structured Learning Center students did a school-wide scavenger hunt! Led by Krista Richey, pictures were taken of staff members from around the building and students were given clues leading them to where they needed to go. The students were given the task of identifying what "Zone" each staff member was in, how they got into that "Zone" based on the pictures, and how they could get back to the "Green Zone." After answering all of those questions, they were given a clue code. The codes were used to "unlock" surprises. They unlocked new sensory tools to use in the Calm Down Area of the classroom, bubbles for sensory play at recess, and some delicious snacks! Richey said, “The students really enjoyed the hands-on learning experience and we able to connect and apply all they know about the Zones of Regulation."

Red Zone is Angry/Mad Green Zone is Happy


Unlock the Box Clues

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