Police Department


    "Protecting the Future"


    The Splendora ISD Police Department is fully-authorized as a police agency by the State of Texas, and all SISD school district officers are commissioned by the State of Texas.  School district police officers are authorized to enforce all laws and may arrest individuals found in violations of those laws. Additionally, officers may write appropriate citations for offenses covered by State law, including offenses listed in the Texas Education Code. These citations are filed with the Justice of the Peace Court having jurisdiction.


    Our Mission

    The mission of the Splendora ISD Police Department is to maintain peace and order by providing high quality police service. To achieve these ends, the department is committed to forming practical partnerships with students, teachers, parents and citizenry, which includes enforcing the law, reducing fear; thereby providing a safe and secure environment for learning.


    To achieve this mission, we will:

    • Respect and safeguard the dignity and rights of all individuals.
    • Provide protection of persons, property, crime prevention; and enforcement services.
    • Coordinate our efforts with other agencies and the public we serve.
    • Maintain a well-trained and equipped professional work force to respond to the school district and community needs.