District Transparency

  • School boards are elected locally to ensure that the schools in that community are governed and operated properly—both fiscally and academically. Since school districts rely on public funding, school boards are accountable to the public for how they spend district funds. Virtually all of the school board’s work is conducted in the public forum, and all action conducted by the board is public record. Agendas are posted in advance of meetings, and school districts are legally required to grant the public access to the minutes and recordings of an open school board meeting. Although discussion in executive session is considered “closed” under the Open Meetings Act, all final action must be taken in an open meeting. The work of the school board is intentionally visible because the schools belong to the community and because the students are the primary concern.

    School districts regularly provide parents with information about their children’s and schools’ academic performance and provide the public with a myriad of notices about the financial status of the district. Furthermore, districts must report hundreds of detailed academic, financial, demographic, and personnel data to the Texas Education Agency (TEA), which are posted for public scrutiny on the TEA Website. If a parent or taxpayer wants any information about their school district, chances are it is readily available or posted on the website. With the exception of a few categories of personally identifiable student information and certain personnel records, taxpayers can obtain even more detailed information by filing an open record request with the district (see Public Information Request in the links of this page). 

    Many of the required Splendora Independent School District's postings can be located on this page. If you are unable to locate certain information, contact the webmaster at 281-689-4358.