Technology Department

  • "Connecting our students to a brighter future" 

    The Technology Department is responsible for supporting the network, computer and server systems, installation and maintenance of security cameras, maintaining the secure and appropriate management of data, and for assisting campuses and departments in the use of technology to improve student achievement and staff efficiency.

    Our Mission
    Splendora ISD Technology Department strives to provide technology and services to students and staff to enable students to reach a higher quality of education inside of a safe learning environment. 


    • Utilize technology and services to empower all learners to be self-motivated, confident, adaptable, productive, and critical thinkers.
    • Prepare students for the variety of technology they will encounter in both career and college.
    • Use technology to solve challenges to district priorities.
    • Deploy systems and solutions that are available anywhere and anytime.
    • Develop solid partnerships with all departments and schools to form strong collaboration, communications, and service delivery.