The Two Propositions

  • Proposition A - $201M

    • an expansion to the high school
    • a junior high school
    • two elementary schools to replace Greenleaf and Peach Creek Elementary Schools
    • land purchases
    • other district improvements

    Proposition B - $24M

    • 1000-seat performing arts facility and support spaces

What about the taxes?

    • It is estimated that the district's tax rate would increase from $1.3881 to $1.4055 if both props passed (less than 2 pennies).
    • The 2022 Homestead Exemption increased from $25K to $40K.
    • Homeowners over 65 who have filed their exemption will not see an increase in property taxes associated with this bond.

Tax Impact

  • The maximum potential tax impact after all bonds are sold by Splendora ISD is less than a .0174 cents per $100 value of your home, taking the current SISD tax rate of 1.3881 to 1.4055. Use the calculator below to enter your home's value and find the estimated YEARLY increase in your taxes, once all bonds are sold.    

  • How do I know if I'm registered or where to vote?

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  • What has the tax rate been over the last five years?

  • What happens if the Bond doesn't pass?

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  • I pay more and more in school taxes every year, so why do you need more?

  • How will this bond election affect homeowners who are over 65?

  • What is the difference between the M&O and the Debt Service tax rates?

  • How do taxes pay for school?

  • Will my district be able to sell its bonds at a favorable rate?

  • If the bonds are approved, is the district obligated to spend the money?

  • If the bond election is successful, does the school district immediately incur the debt?

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