Letter to Parents


    Dear Parents,

    Thank you for your patience and understanding through this extraordinary time.  We, at SJH, are committed to our students and have been working hard to coordinate and implement a distance learning program that we hope your student will find enjoyable and engaging.  Splendora JH online classes will resume on Monday, March 23rd. By now your student should have received a Google Classroom invite from each of their teachers as well as from our counselors.  If you would like to receive an invitation to your child’s Google classes, you must have a Gmail account. This will be the platform in which instruction will be driven. We look forward to partnering with you as we embark on this journey together and don’t hesitate to reach out if a need arises. 

    Teacher Expectations:

    • Direct instruction via videos, slideshows, etc should be approximately 25 minutes.  
      • All teachers launch their learning opportunities for all students in Google Classroom each Monday at 7:30 am.
      • Assignments should not take longer than an hour for students to complete
      • Teachers will provide feedback to students regarding assignments
      • Attendance will be tracked to see the number of times logged in, participation and assignments completed.

    Student Expectations:

    • Students must sign in through ClassLink (District Homepage) 
      • Students will complete 2 assignments per week/ per teacher through Google Classroom
      • Students are expected to participate in the Google Classroom
      • Students can earn attendance by logging in, communicating with their teacher, completing assignments through Google Classroom 
      • If a student has not logged in, after the first week, teachers will contact the parent and every other week thereafter. 

    SJH teachers and staff look forward to continuing the great learning that students have been doing all year! We are here to support student growth preparing them for their future.