TSIA2 Requirements

  • The Texas Success Initiative-Accuplacer (TSIA2) is a state program designed to help colleges and universities determine students’ preparedness for college-level coursework in the general areas of reading, writing, and mathematics. The TSIA2 program is designed to promote the success of students in college by assessing students’ academic skills through a state-approved examination called the TSIA2 Assessment. 

    A high school student is eligible to enroll in Dual Credit with the following TSIA2 Assessment Scores:

    • ELAR
      • Score of 945-990 and essay score of 5-8 OR
      • Score of 910-944 with a diagnostic score of 5-6 and essay score of 5-8
    • Math
      • Score of 950-990 OR
      • Score of 910-949 and a diagnostic score of 6

    TSIA2 preparation materials:

    • To prepare for the test, here is a link to the new Accuplacer (TSIA2) webpage that includes information for a study app and some pdf documents that can be downloaded and used to study before taking the test.  Hard copies of the study booklets are available in the Counselor's office.
    • Here is an additional link that can be used to prepare for testing--click the "Enter Student Site" button to access the study resources.  You do not need to use a username or password to log in.

    Contact Kristi Seidel at kseidel@splendoraisd.org for testing sign-ups.