• General Information

    Splendora High School has been awarded the designation by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) as an Early College school-within-a-school. The minimum expectation of being part of the Early College program is to earn "core complete," which is 42 college hours. This means that students will successfully complete 14 college courses throughout high school. Students also have the option of working towards an "associate's degree" by earning an additional 18 hours of elective college credit, which means a total of 60 college hours or 6 additional college hours beyond "core complete."

    To be a member of the Early College cohort, students must submit an Early College application during their 8th-grade year. Students can become "core complete" or earn an associate’s degree as a member of the Early College program. Once a student meets TSI testing requirements, he/she may begin taking college courses on our high school campus through Lone Star College.

    To receive a bachelor’s degree from a public university, Texas law requires that students complete a core curriculum of 42 credit
    hours. If you complete the “core curriculum” with grades of “C” or better in the Early College Program in partnership with Lone
    Star College, the entire core curriculum (42 credit hours), transfers to any public university in the state of Texas. To earn an associate’s
    degree, 60 college credit hours, students would need to complete an additional 18 elective credit hours (6 elective classes) beyond the
    42 credit hours needed for “core complete”.

    College courses are offered on our high school campus and on the Lone Star College campus at Kingwood. The dual credit grades are not awarded on the traditional high school grading period schedule (please see the Course Guide for more information). Final grades are given for each course, and the final grade is recorded on the student's transcript. Grades for the college courses are not accessible through our parent portal. Our high school staff works with Lone Star to monitor progress throughout the semester.

    Mission Statement

    Early College students will work to achieve excellence in an environment where perseverance, adaptability, integrity, and reflection are cultivated and valued. Splendora Early College prides itself on building a strong support system for students, utilizing the collaboration of the right people, using the right things, in the right way, with the right resources, and forming the right relationships.