Approved Amendment Information

  • A proposed amendment was presented to the District Educational Improvement Council on February 6, 2019, and was approved. The following members were present:

    Dr. Jeff Burke, Superintendent

    Dr. Tami Greggerson, Assistant Superintendent

    Holly Miller, Greenleaf Elementary School

    Joanna Muirhead, Peach Creek Elementary School

    Christy Christy, Splendora Junior High

    Brenda Edwards, Splendora High School

    Kelly Duncan, Splendora High School

    Astrid Vega, Parent

    Dianna Archer, Splendora High School Principal

    Kent Broussard, Splendora Junior High School Principal

    Dr. Carolyn King, Greenleaf Elementary School Principal

    Heath Lucas, Piney Woods Elementary School Principal

    Brian Kroeger, Executive Director of Human Resources

    Laura Wildman, Professional Learning Director

    Rick Kershner, Assistant Superintendent of Leadership and Culture

    Deitra Johnson, Communications Director