Shared Residency Procedure (beginning 2018-2019 school year)

  • Students and parents who live with another family must apply for Shared Residency status by completing the following requirements:

    1. The parent AND owner or leaseholder must complete an Address Verification Affidavit and have it notarized.  The Affidavit is a formal, sworn statement by both parties. The homeowner must provide a bill such as an electric or water bill with their name and address listed on the bill.
    2. In order to complete your registration process under a Shared Residency, the parent must provide a Driver’s License with the same address as the residence and one current document from the four following categories OR two current documents from the following four categories.
    1. Document from the employer, such as a paycheck stub with an address listed, personnel papers, tax form, and withholding statements;
    2. A voter’s registration card mailed to the enrolling party at the address identified as the residence;
    3. Insurance papers issued in the name of the enrolling party with an address listed;
    4. Current bill and/or statements from a bank, credit union, department store, gasoline company, or a major credit card company with an address listed.

    Students enrolled under Shared Residency must reapply for shared residency annually as stated above or provide proof of residency if they have moved.  Parents must complete the reapplication process annually during the registration dates assigned.