Capacity and Safety Guidelines for Athletic Events

  • Posted August 13, 2020

    If you have any questions about the following guidelines or want to purchase a ticket, contact D'Anne Smith at or call 281-689-4310.



    • Splendora High School’s competition gym will hold 1000 spectators but at 50% we will only allow 500 to enter.
    • Splendora High School’s auxiliary gym will hold 125 spectators and we will only allow 60 to enter.
    • During District matches and regular-season games, we will be pre-selling tickets to parents and families for all contests.
    • During all games, please understand that we will not allow anyone to enter once we meet our 50% capacity. 
    • If you have finished watching your child play, please leave the facility so others can watch if we are near our 50% capacity.
    • Face masks must be worn into all UIL athletic events and must be worn during all matches and contests indoors. (See Executive Order GA-29.)
    • Practice social distancing from other fans when possible.


    Each school in the UIL 4A Conference, Division I, District 10 will have a pre-sale process for the visiting team for each varsity football contest. The pre-sale schedule and process for home spectators are at the discretion of each school.

    The home school for each football contest is responsible for the following as the host school:

    • Counting the spectators for both the home and visitor bleachers and ensuring that capacity is not exceeded on either side.
    • All state executive orders (face coverings) and UIL/TEA capacity recommendations are adhered to, to ensure the safety of the spectators.
    • Pre-sale tickets are factored into the capacity count prior to the contests, so pre-sale ticket holders are guaranteed admittance even if capacity is reached.      
    • District 10 is providing each member school 90 passes. Passes will guarantee the cardholder access to a pre-sell ticket. They will not guarantee admission as a walk-up spectator.  Each member school will organize their own plan to ensure that cardholders get pre-sale tickets prior to the football contest.  

    Spectators on the home and visitors’ side that arrive at the contest without a pre-sale ticket are subject to admittance based on the 50% capacity calculation minus the number of pre-sell tickets sold. This calculation should help guarantee admittance to pre-sell ticket holders, even if the capacity limitations for that bleacher section has been reached.

    Pre-sale tickets should be sold at the following prices - $6 for adults and $4 for students.

    All schools should communicate and coordinate each week to share their pre-sale process, design of pre-sale tickets, and procedures to exchange currency collected for pre-sell tickets.

    All other passes and IDs will not guarantee admittance to District 10  football contests for this season. 

Game Ticket Prices

  • Football Games 
    Varsity Adult-$6 and Student-$4
    Sub-Varsity- Adult-$4, Student-$3
    Volleyball Games
    All tickets are Adult $4 and Student $3
    Basketball Games
    All tickets are Adult $4 and Student $3  
    This year coach's passes, teacher identification cards, senior citizen discounts, and student athletic passes will not be allowed for entry. 

Wildcat Athletic Report and other information

  • 11/20/2020

    Boys Basketball
    On Friday, November 13th the Boys Basketball team defeated Leggett on the road by a score of 61 to 47. The Cats returned home this past Tuesday vs Caney Creek and came out on top by a score of 47 to 31. The Cats are now 2 and 0 on the young season. The 9th grade and Varsity teams will travel to Dayton on Friday, November 20th.  The Varsity will travel on Monday to Big Sandy and then return home Tuesday, November 24th vs Porter.

    Girls Basketball
    On Saturday, November 14th the Ladycats swept Pasadena.

    The freshmen team won 36-8. Geli Ferrari had 10 points, Avery Thornton had 9 points, Gia Campos had 7 points, Addison Thornton had 6 points and Allison Stovall had 4 points.

    The JV won 33-28 with Shellby Sanders putting in 15 points, Beth Owens 12 points, Zoe Surber, Alyssa Davis, and Maren McMurry all added 2 points.

    The Varsity won 49-40.  Mykala Moore contributed 24 points, Mel Owens had 7 points, Jannet Reyes and Aubree Howard had 5 points each, Brooke Yeager and Jackie Reyes both with 3 points, and Nat Acosta with 2 points.

    Tues November 17th the LadyCats defeated Onalaska.

    The JV 29-19.  Alyssa Davis put in 11 points, Zoe Surber 6 points, Maci Surber and Maren McMurry both had 4 points, Geli Ferrari put in 2 points, and Lewis and Makenzi McCants both had 1 point each.

    The Varsity won 59-47.

    Mykala Moore scored 26 points, with Mel Owens putting in 17 points. Jannet Reyes, Jackie Reyes, and Brooke Yeager all had 4 points and Shellby Sanders had 1 point.

    The Varsity LadyCats moved to 4-0 on the season and face Montgomery Friday, November 20th at home.