Online UIL Athletic Form Instructions

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    To: Parents/Guardians of Student-Athletes (7th-12), Cheerleaders (7th-12), Band(9th-12), and  Drill Team (9th-12)

    Re: Required Online Paperwork                                                     

    The Athletic Training Staff will continue the collection and monitoring of required paperwork online, via Rank One Sport, as previously instituted. Required paperwork consists of 9 forms, all of which must be completed and submitted prior to your student’s participation. These forms will need to be completed before ANY participation, including practice.

    In order to access, complete, and submit:

    Visit >> Click UIL Forms (NOTE: If using a desktop, this menu is on the left. If using a mobile device, click the “+” next to Athletics.)

    You will be redirected to the RANK ONE SPORT page. Review the instructions and select the Click Here icon to proceed to the online forms.

    DO NOT log in or create a login account.  SELECT Continue as a Guest

    Begin with the first form “Splendora ISD Student Release” and complete the forms in order.

    Select SUBMIT upon completion of each form.

    Upon completion of the first form, you should be given an arrow to continue to the next form. When all are complete, you will receive a message of completion.

    Complete all 9 forms. You should receive an e-mail confirmation for each form submitted. This will be your confirmation that forms are complete and have been successfully submitted.


    Be sure to enter your student’s name as it appeared when registering into school (include hyphens if required). Please do not submit nicknames. If your student does not show current, drop first zero from the student ID #.  A student may not appear if they are a new student to the District (profile will have to be built by the Athletic Trainers). Be sure to complete all forms, leaving no blank spaces, or forms will not submit.  You DO NOT have to print the forms. Completion and submission online will be stored on secure servers. Should you have any further issues, please contact Travis Jones (High School Athletic Trainer), or  Brandy Jones (Junior High Athletic Trainer)