Grant Information and Resources

    • Any grant to be used for the purpose of conducting business in Splendora ISD (SISD) must be authorized by Splendora ISD.  No unauthorized private fundraising is permissible.

    • Any Splendora ISD employee who wishes to apply for a grant or funding from an outside source must apply for authorization through an application available on the Splendora ISD Grants webpage.

    • Once an application is completed, a copy must be given to the SISD Grants Administrator and reviewed before being submitted.

    • The requester for the grant is responsible for reporting award of the grant by filling out the form available on the SISD Grants page.

    • The requester for the grant is responsible for compliance reporting for the grant and may have to make periodic reports to the SISD Grants Administrator.

    • SISD Grants Administrator is available to advise and assist grant applicants.

    • All monies received through any grant or funding process must be channeled through proper SISD accounting mechanisms.   No employee shall deposit, withdraw, or manage money through a private account of any sort, including, but not limited to, personal checking accounts, personal savings accounts, personal GoFundMe accounts.

    Click Splendora ISD Grants to view all guidelines and procedures and for helpful information about grant applications.

    For questions, contact Troy Reynolds, Director of Federal Programs, at 281-689-3128.