• Teachers and administrators use the acronyms listed below to discuss academics, behavior, and other educational terms. Additional educational acronyms can be found by clicking on the website link here.

    AFG Assessment Focus Group
    AP Advanced Placement
    ARD Admission, Review, and Dismissal
    CBAS Community-Based Accountability System
    CIS CIS - Communities in Schools
    CKH Capturing Kids Hearts
    DLT District Leadership Team
    EE Early Education
    ELAR English Language Arts and Reading
    GEARS Growing Exceptional Adaptable Resourceful Students
    HPLS High Priority Learning Standards
    PALS (@GLE) Parents Are Life Savers
    PALS (@PCE) Peer Assistant and Leadership Skills
    PALS (@PWE) Peer Assistant and Leadership Skills
    PEIMS Public Education Information Management System
    PLC Professional Learning Community
    RBL Raising Blended Learners
    RTI Response to Intervention
    WIN What I Need